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First, WELCOME to my unique website


of this page is you to get to know me better and find out what I will be covering in subsequent blogs. I will be coming back to it whenever I got lost and distracted by other ideas.



I am a mother of two kids (18 years old girl and 10 years old boy) and third on the way, due in March – this makes me very keen on covering all kids, teenager related topics, we went through at home and around friends.

Both children have been having gastrointestinal problems, what made me very knowledgeable in this area, as a must had to research and discover practical resolutions for many bowels, intestinal related problems – another underestimated and not usually well treated health problem by our doctors we can discuss and help each other here.

Big age gap between my children is amazing, has its upsides and downs as well sometime difficult to manage. It is 8 years gap between girl and boy and now it will be soon even more 19 years between the oldest one and youngest and 11 between the younger once – it will be a great challenge.

Are they all single children or siblings? How do they feel? How this difference influences their development as girl, boy, teenager? – lots to cover

Coming closer to March I will most probably post things related to babies as getting ready for new life in our household, the relations and preparation of stuff, equipment, safety products and actions – hope we all enjoy and benefit from it.

Another point of interest is health and well being, which has been my hobby, passion and job in practice as I am a nurse, working close with surgeons and anesthetic team as operating department nurse and recently changed a bit specialty for community nursing.

Coming to next point is money. I think that’s the biggest issue we all have and would like to help, support and explain whatever I know. Money is not everything but you can not survive without it so let’s create an income which will not stress us out and allow concentrate on home and family more.


The last problem is huge and don’t know yet how I will approach it but I would like to help and support people who went through a lot in their life – abusive, toxic relationship. Yes, I am daughter of dad who was drinking a lot, wife of abusive husband and now starting hopefully fresh but with huge luggage of experience so do not know how it will evolve.


  1. Money matter – starting business, creating income, getting help if needed, source of one off grants (which you do not need to pay back), contacting with other ambitious mums, organisations
  2. Health related issues – any topic, suggest what interests you most
  3. Children, their mental and physical health, siblings relations, managing age difference problems, teenager troubles…
  4. Abusive, toxic relationship.


If you managed to go through this page and did not get bored you can see it is a lot to cover, mountains to climb.


Please bear in mind I have never created any website or post, I’m so new in it. I can make thousands of mistakes and will learn on the go, hope creating something beneficial anyway, you will see. But my aim is not to create fantastic looking image (I wish I could and of course I will try) but share with you knowledge and experience, get involved in any project you might be stuck in. I want to be here for you as I went through a lot and know how awful is to be on your own, some might have fantastic friends some not (I lost lots of friends because of my ex relationship), some questions you would ask friends some better not.

So here I am for you.

My first initial goal is as a woman help and support other women.

We can create and achieve a lot together so let’s begin !!!!!!




If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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