Are work home jobs scams?- Ugly truth

Definitely not all of them but you have to be extremely careful, as people try to do lots sort of tricks to achieve their aim -so simply saying get money out of your pocket.


This is what I have learned over 2 years about online business, Facebook groups, adverts about making money online…

I’m sharing it today to save you time, money and things I’ve done in a hope of staying at home .

And very often I asked myself: Are work home jobs scams?

Very short about me:


I’ve been working as a nurse for years with bringing up 2 children, separated with husband, fall in love and got pregnant with new guy. Since I found out I will have another treasure in my life I started looking for online opportunity as I know how difficult is to combine working as a nurse and have small baby. Thousands of sacrifices.

Kids grow so quick and I don’t want to miss it.

That’s it in a huge shortcut.


Now about online journey.

I saw lots of adverts, YouTube videos about online jobs. Guess what, I tried, tried and tried them….

And what ?

I’m rather sensible person so promises of getting rich quick ignored at the BEGINNING as know nothing legit and normal doesn’t come quick. We all know you need to work to obtain something.

I’ve started affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate group.

I can’t complain they are great, I’ve explained it in other article so will just mention here that:

They have platform which is good for beginners

Other recommended online opportunities were either scams so wanted money for almost nothing instead of teaching things I already knew from Wealthy Affiliate, or very expensive so over $100, $600 and I was not sure if it brings anything valuable.

I did purchase one expensive course which was worth money for $600. It was about selling on Amazon. They dedicated lots of time for the course and I listed 2 products on Amazon with success. I would recommend this, however they claimed it assured you access to the platform for life and practically there changed website and did not inform about that. Now it is impossible to get registered or even find them.

That’s why I’m planning to share whatever I learned about selling on Amazon (and little tricks) either in subsequent articles or open Facebook group for this purpose. If you are interested email me and I will be in touch when ready.

I can not lay:

Amazon private label business

is great, can provide lots of money especially in covid times but only if you have more that $5000 spare (without going overdraft or loans).it will be good fun to find products to sell, create your own labels, adverts etc.

But for this you really need money to start with. . You can not assume your product will sell straight away as many Amazon teachers advertise. You need to get into first or second page to achieve sales and it is not easy in today’s world. Plenty of us try to get money online. You need people to buy your products and leave reviews for you to be able to get into first pages of Amazon sales. It is possible but costly and time-consuming, however we can help each other with it. I went through it twice with success and now will be launching new products again.


When you ask yourself a question: Are work home jobs scams?

Highly avoid scammers like :

bitcoin trading, what’s up or telegram chats, travel business.


Travel business is another great topic of damping your money to bin. To be honest couple of things don’t work

1. Crazy times of pandemic of covid virus does not support this industry

2. People booking holidays would much rather go to established company that can be trusted, can refund in case of trouble, has lots of reviews and good reputation.

None of us want to plan only holidays and that find out has been canceled, turn up in dreamland and it appears double booked or totally disgusting. It would be catastrophe.

Simple gave me hard time with double booking and I was in trouble.

So don’t go this route better spend your time and money on something what you can control more and grow, even if its slower.


I’m not huge carrier person. Maybe stupid or strange but I really enjoy preparing launches, dinner, caring for my house, seeing my kids growing and helping them feel safe, secure and loved. That’s my priority. I don’t miss my full time job. The only thing is I want is not to be worried about money, that I can not afford to go to cinema, theater, casual outings, have for rent and at least once a year holiday. It is not much isn’t it?

I’m not bored at home or feel underestimated.

That was my aim. Working with Wealthy Affiliate allowed me that, that’s why I would never call them scam. Whatever people say .

But you have to be ready to work, create and that’s great.

The struggle I faced and thing many of you will too is engaging people, getting comments under my posts.

I followed all what they said in the training modules regarding niche, keywords in the text, searching in Jaaxy for proper title, inserting pictures with right description and still it is difficult.

I wonder if the market is over saturated, or people are skirt of commenting as they are supposed to leave their email and don’t want to be bombarded with tons of adverts, or I do something wrong.

If you read this article I reassure you I will not harass you with emails, it’s not my intention, kindly asking of your opinion in relevant topic. Please leave a comment underneath so that I know it was or not beneficial what I wrote. It’s no pleasure to write for the sake of writing. My aim is to support and help people like me minded.

You can mention what you like me to concentrate next time about.

Maybe you have some legit and great way of online earnings, share with me please.

I’m open to any option as nowadays in a crazy times of covid, insecurity is overwhelming and no one knows what will bring tomorrow any source of income is valued

One more important point:

I’ve been reading lots of articles where people claiming they share or give valuable information on their blogs and apparently it is mostly directing you to their email list or another training. I would like my articles to give real value so I add link to whatever thing is beneficial.

Wealthy Affiliate is one and you can try it for free clicking on this picture

Amazon private label will be added when I’m ready with all its aspects soon, so keep visiting my site if you are interested.

I’m adding link to one more article where I listed possible ideas of online income you could try :

Can I make money online? – why not


Sharing is caring and we as humans, mothers are created to care for others so let’s share valuable stuff.

Thanks for your time and see you later.


  1. There’s so much online scams out there and facing the pandemic, there’s also legit jobs now available on the online market. Unfortunately, its so hard to find the difference!

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