Can I make money online? – why not

Waw, we reached Number 3

This question faces plenty of people nowadays. You might be thinking ” Internet making money is over saturated market, so many people advertise how they made money online, how to make money online. It has been so popular that I do not have chance to make it as well, I do not have experience, knowledge about it. I can not be successful if everyone is doing it”

You are absolutely wrong!!!

  • First truth: if you don’t try you will never know
  • Second: if you just think it is impossible for you without trying you will definitely not successes, even more you will always have in your head thought how my life would look like if I try. Keep in your heard regret, what if???
  • Third:Internet is vast and there are over 7 billion people on the planet, do you think there are 7 billion ideas which has not repeated? they repeat and still making good income
  • Fourth: Your idea is unique as it comes from you and EVERYONE is different so your idea even similar to someone else will be different and will attract people as it might show the same topic from different perspective.


Yes definitely you can make money online. It just depends on you.



Today Number 3.

Now you hopefully have an idea which Web builder you will use.

It will be the most important part : THE CONTENT

After deciding which website builder you need feel comfortable with, the work starts.

It’s very exciting rewarding and stressful time. Whatever you decide now you should stick to it for a longer time. To achieve success you have to follow your idea realise plan step by step, Google how others made it.

THE worst option is, this what I’ve done at the beginning, JUMPING FROM IDEA TO IDEA,


Be constant, persistent.

It might sound obvious but no success comes overnight. And you need to hear and read it again and again, in every moment you doubt in yourself and your idea


Amazon – in the rented garage in 1994 now is worldwide massive with 75.5$ revenue in just first quater

Apple – first computer was built in garage as well

The Walt Disney Co. – in uncle garage

Google – garage created as well

that is surprising how huge ideas grow from small, cheap places and amazing brains. I think they never imagined their ideas will go so far and everyone wants to work and cooperate with them now.

You might be next.

So stick to idea which appeared in your mind and never, never ever give up!!!!

In previous articles I managed to create I gave you ideas how to organise first free money, mentioned creating first items on redbubble, shared with you idea of wealthy affiliate. It is just the top of iceberg regarding making money online. I just wanted to make you curious.

Depending on your interest, skills and time you’ve got to commit the Internet ideas will grow and grow.

Whatever type of online activity (business) you chose to create your personal website will represent it. You can build portfolio of your activities, write blog about your products, services etc. So it is crucial to think thoroughly both steps.

I’m giving you clear list what could be done online, then I will go through each idea seperate and YOU make decision! Do not hesitate if it is worth starting, can I make money online?


1. Create a website and monetarise it: related articles

Create my own website free online-start, Making money online from home – confused

2. Get involved in creative websites : Redbubble, teespring , udemy,

3. Open online shop of your interest :shopify, etsy, depop

4. Learn matched betting – at no risk

5. Try online surveys

6. Searching the web – for money

7. Review websites and apps for cash

8. Write e-book, kindle – ebook launch,

9. Discover Affiliate Marketing – and benefit from it, for direct link:  Wealthy Affiliate as example or read my review about it HERE – I LOVE IT!!!

10. Buy and sell domain names

11. Sell your photos :Adobe stock, Getty Images

12. Try email processing, if you want to read the honest review of it click HERE, as there are many myths about it

13. Source properties for wealthy investors

14. Test and review products

15. Buy and sell crypto currency

16. Start dropshipping

17. Work as a freelancer :fiver, upwork, bark, people per hour

18. Cluckwork

18. Start clothing brand – from print on demand printful

20. Edit videos

21. Proofread contents

22. Create a course – thinkifick, teachable, podia

23. Digital personal trainer – truecoach

24. Be online travel agent

25. Create a podcast – buzsprout, podbean, simplecast

26. Sell recepies

27. Create presentations : PowerPoint, Google slides, keynotes

28. Start digital marketing agency

29. Transcribe audio and interviews

30. Become a writer

31. Buy and sell second hand books – we buy books, fat brain, abebooks

32. Review music – slice the pie

33. Get paid playing games swagbugs, inbox dollars, pointclub, playtest club

34. Design newsletters

35. Private labeling and selling on amazon

36. Translate for money

38. Sell stories to newspaper : Take a break, Bella magazine

39. Narrate audio books and voice over

The list can be endless as multiple ideas arise. It’s only you who can make decision which idea suits you and which you will try.

Can I make money online? Yes, ofcourse but you need to start doing something, not just thinking of it.

I hope it was at least a bit helpful and see you in next article.

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