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How to create my own website free online?

The first step to start any successful business online is obviously having idea of what you want to do :

  • sell products
  • sell courses
  • sell services
  • promote others content
  • promote others products

When you have idea what you want to do the next step is to find website where you want to create your very own site to show yourself, your ideas, products or whatever you wish. It can be only story about yourself, family, child or your pet. That is your choice.

The most important is to find website builder which suits your needs and ability not to overwhelm general idea.

Website builders: (the devil not so scary)

are easy to use programs. Anyone can use them to create amazing websites. When I was smaller remember listening to adults how difficult is to create website, that you need to complete university or hire specialist to be able to have your own website but nowadays we have numerous of templates and site builder programs which help people like me (nurse from background) to make dreams and ideas come true.

How to chose your website builder:

It highly depends on goal of your website. For example store like site need templates for e-comerce builders, blog maker – easy to use interface, attractive templates, drag and drop features, possibilities of video placing and best possible hosting package.

Important is customer service possibility if something goes wrong.

It is highly impossible to have everything running smooth and perfect all the time. Good, responsive and reliable customer service will be very helpful.

The first of my choice is Word Press

It was automatic assign to Wealthy Affiliate platform I joined and wrote about it before. I am very familiar with it and very pleased of its service. When I searched online it is considered to be the world’s most popular content management system. It runs over 75 million blogs and over 20% world’s top 100 websites.

In Wealthy Affiliate site you have so many templates and Word Press is not so scary, you can preview everything and set up on WA site and then later do any modification in Word Press. You get help from WA group of members whichever step you are stuck on.

+ affordable – you can start with free option and while developing your content you might consider to sign in to monthly plan to unlock additional features.

+ easy to use and install.

+ has multiple of security plugins to keep you safe

– does not have drag and drop editor

– some parts of editing and design requires coding (but you can find tutorials all over internet about it as it is so commonly used)

Try it yourself


is considered as smart, simple, amazing visually and easy to use. It has beautiful templates which make your website look like designed by professionals.

+ affordable-you can stay free off charge or chose one of their 8 pricing options

+ very easy to use

+ over 500 professional look templates

– they do not mention anything about pricing at the beginning, you just start creating your website

– less e-commers options than other site builders

– you are not able to migrate old content to new templates

Try it yourself


Award-winning in design, everything looking cool, impeccable with very creative ideas, great selection of blogging, portfolio and online stores tools but more expensive with limited support only on weekdays. It is fantastic choice for someone who is concerned about aesthetic of his site and adaptation to mobile devises like tablets and phones.

+ easy to use

+ fonts and templates are customised

+ functionally available e-commerce


– e-commerce site is expensive

– customer support only on weekdays

– it’s templates are rated as low by Google Page Speed Tool

SITE 123

Perfect for busy people (professionals) without coding experience, however dreaming of stunning site. It includes unlimited pages and e-commerce integration. It is considered the simplest website builder with step by step guide on screen to follow. Great benefit is hudreds of customizable stock images, e-mail marketing tools, professional shopping cart options.

+ free domain possible

+ has built in SEO tools


– equipped with limited templates

– not great customer support

– the website builder is not drag and drop

Have a look yourself 

I have chosen Word Press as it was embedded in Wealthy Affiliate program and I had almost no experience in creating websites. I tried to follow precisely what was in the training but after completing building I got curious what other website builders has to offer. The Internet world is pretty interesting for me however a bit confusing due to my age and no experience from childhood.

There are no absolutely right or wrong choice regarding platform you chose. You just need to see which you feel comfortable with.

My biggest advice is: try couple of them, have a feel, go and explore and than chose which suits you the most.

Almost all of them have free starting plan so that you are able to do so and decide later.

Let’s get to next part…..

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