Email processing jobs – personal honest review.

Email processing jobs

personal honest review.

I went through it all myself, I never judge people or business if I do not try it myself. I do not state my opinion just after reading someone’s one.


During this corona virus outbreak very hot topic – work from home, work online….

Everyone tries to earn some money not coming out of the home. As many people are looking for online jobs there are plenty of others overusing this opportunity to cheat one another, use them to enlarge their income just for referring to programs and call it legit.

I am very trustworthy so get scammed pretty easy. I have written this review to make it crystal clear what email processing jobs are about.

I think if you are straight and honest, you say clearly everything what it involves: full costs, people reactions to it, their responses, possibility to get engagement from groups you are fair and if someone decides to go for it it is not scam. However, if you just say benefits of it, hide some costs which it involves and make it amazing, simple and apparently quick income you are definitely lying (as for me hiding truth is a lie) and scamming others.

Email processing jobs are considered as legit online business by people advertising it.

They claim you can make unlimited profit without any experience, knowledge and internet skills. They provide all training.

If you are reading this article you probably consider taking up popular among internet adverts starting like that:

” ATTENTION … Start Today! Get Work Today from Home. I only have 3 positions. Send me a message for more information.  ”

” Could you use $200 today? Get Step by step instructions. I love working from home. Only 3 positions available … ”

” Copy my system and learn how you can earn $100 direct to your account! Send me a message to start. ”

” Easy Work from home – Earn money from your home every day! Send me a message for more details. ”

” WE NEED HELP!! – Earn money DAILY! Send me a message  ”

” Make money DAILY, get paid the same day … You can earn up to $100 per day just by using your smartphone.”

Let’s clarify it a bit step by step:


  • When I replied to one of these ads I got message with question if I qualify for this business and the question was: what is your earning goal, why do you want to enter online business.  I do not know what qualifications or skills do you need to answer it? – but I qualify… great!!!
  • Next I received introduction text on Facebook messenger how happy they are I’m getting involved with their company and the steps to follow are:
  • Pay $25 or $50 as joining fee to PayPal account person advertises it
  • Provide my email address so that they can send me the rest of information and promised training
  • I thought it is so simple so followed the steps: paid, received email, read, went through couple of videos and…..

Got surprised

I was supposed to or pay another $13 or $21 for my personal website to be created or do it myself.

I was not told anything like this at the beginning just reassured the initial $25 is the only cost you are expected to cover to start your amazing business.

  • Another cost and skill needed was getting my domain. Yeas they explained in one of videos how to get it very cheap $0.99 but still you have to have some knowledge how to do it( however they explain how to do it on one of videos sent in welcome pack) and it was again not stated before I decided to pay my joining fee for email processing jobs.

OK, I managed and got my domain, website done you can have a look on it by clicking HERE

If you look at it, it does not look great, how I wish and do not have any influence on it look. To be honest I regretted and with my skills I would rather do it myself, but never mind. It is done so let’s start earning money.

They claim that are giving you 100 Facebook group examples where you can potentially advertise and get clients for email processing jobs. Great I thought.

They even give you pre-written text of (emails) adverts you are supposed to place on these groups. The adverts are OK, there is plenty of them so if you do not have idea how to create your unique one you can chose (that’s a + and consistent with what they advertise at the beginning).

I did all: chosen advert text (even more created on Canva my lovely advert, you can have a look and comment with your opinion how do you like it (click HERE to see it), went through all 100 groups provided and some of them did not exist anymore (or never) and some of them were great. I posted my lovely advert and was waiting for response.

Most of the groups reacted with their adverts in the comment section but couple got interest. I was so pleased when saw 150 people asking for more details. WAW I really can make money with this but… my stupid mind forced me I was 100% honest and was telling them what the business is really about and what it involves. Imagine I didn’t have sensible “clients”. They assumed it was scam as: no legit company pays on PayPal, no company asks for joining fee etc. I understand but to be truth:

  • Many online businesses are done through PayPal, even simple eBay, where you sell and buy goods
  • Many online businesses ask for joining fee: travel agent, cosmetic companies, health coaching jobs

There is hardly any earned money without investing money. If you are interested in making money for free go to my other article (it is not quick but pretty easy and possible) – Get free money

I got one lady even paying to my PayPal account $25 but she even did not wait for me to send email with all details just cancelled it in a moment after someone put comment “it appears to be scam, do not join this business”, so I did in my initial day nothing.

I spent all day starting with searching for groups, asking to be joined, posting adds, responding to people interest, adding them to “prove group” on Facebook (this I was allowed before anyone makes their decision) and for what???? For nothing.

Other days were more successful but it is definitely not gold digging business.

You need to be ready for being accused as scammer, what I did not like at all.

How it truly works:

  • You need to have web page – provided (with fee)
  • You need to have adds – they provided (or you can create them yourself)
  • You need groups on Facebook to find and join to post on – provided (at least good beginning)
  • Whoever ask information about this you need to be ready asap to respond, ask why they want to join, send basic information, add to prove Facebook group (so that they can see that some people really make money on it)
  • If person decides to join they pay on your PayPal account joining fee, you send them welcome email with training videos and your job is done.

The money people are earning are only from people who are joining the business. There is no referral commission or extra bonuses like in Avon or other pyramid system.

If you explain this straight and honest to people who are interested in it, I think there is no scamming involved in email processing jobs.

If you hide from people that:

  • You are earning their joining fee
  • They have to pay for website if they are not creating it themselves (website will be provided but they charge you for it.
  • That system is automated – If any company could automate this business and did not need people to do extra effort they will never advertise and try to hire anyone – just making profit themselves.

Would you be so kind to population to give them your clients instead of earning money for you and your family yourself? Just think…

That it is a scam and cheating others. You never earn money from cheating others. They make opinion of scamming to others and email processing jobs are having bad reputation after it.

I would not mind getting involved to business which I know is legit and involves work but telling people is simple and you just post pre-written adds and you are paid for it is not true!!!

To be fair I know some people making money in email processing jobs, however it would be fair if all aspects of this job are explained, pointed out and clear before you sign up for it, as fee is not refundable.

All above allows to give me

Email processing jobs 2/5 points for online business.

Let me know what do you think about it, have you tried it, have any of your friends did it, are you/they happy or disappointed about it?

I am really curious your opinion.

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