Get free money UK -possible?

Today’s idea is to show you an emergency option. Before we start any business and long term income stability, we need to be sure we have our basic needs safe and secured.

I am aware it is not the most proud option, but for some of us the only way to get started to become financially free, stay with our loved ones (babies, children or sometimes unwell parents) and start enjoying our life as we were created to do so.

Let’s go through it and then you make decision if it is beneficial and possible for you or not.

Idea 1 – “Turn 2 Us”

As mentioned above, not the ideal way to start but if do not have other option (like me a while ago) you can try to go through fantastic charity registered in England and Whales.

Yes, it is a charity but they do help and support lots of people in need. They gather plenty of other charities and if you go through their website you realise that you could be one of the people they are happy to support and enable you start new life.

I came across this charity by coincident, none of my work colleagues, friends or family knew about it. I know they helped me and some of my friends a lot to go through very rough time in life.

You might think it is humiliating or demeaning but to be honest I didn’t care, just needed finances to be sorted and they were more then helpful.

In general, they:

  • distribute direct grants through trusts and funds
  • provide a comprehensive set of resources and ways to help people struggling to get benefits, charitable grants or other practical support
  • raise awareness of practical help available in troubles
  • run affairs in professional and financial sustainable manner

To start you need to decide what do you need: benefit, grant (money which do not have to return), or you are just looking for information regarding money matter. I wanted to apply for grant so used Grant search box, which brought me to a side where I had to type in basic information regarding my post code (as some organisations are providing grants for people in certain area, age or sex) and age.

Then you have basic offers of charities, funds or trusts but you can go more in depth, verifying your

  • occupation
  • health issues
  • religion
  • nationality

so that can be offered more options and ways to apply to get free money UK.

You will see something similar what I added on the pictures.

It only depends on you what you apply for and if you decide it is something beneficial for you.

I hope you can find something for yourself or friends. It was the most reliable way to get started for me when I was

left alone with 2 children, bed bound mother-in-law, moving houses, trying to reduce my work hours and still

start online business.

It worked out very well and I am more then grateful for their help.

Idea 2 – Game apps

There are thousands of money making apps. I assigned to couple of them but it is not the best way to start with this idea as companies keep promising 10, 20, 100 pounds or dollars cash out but in practice I noticed getting 5 pence into cash out point and something goes wrong and you can not do it .

That is why I do not believe you can really make money on it. Maybe kids playing anyway can make couple of pounds but definitely it is waste of our time to concentrate on it, maybe after a year you would gather 20 pounds.

Idea 3 – Free blog

Creating blog is getting more and more popular nowadays and it is great as it is legitimate of earning money, not taking away from anyone as a gift but really earning it. Full time income will be coming to you but only if you are patient, consistent with the work you put in and what is the most important IT WILL NOT HAPPEN QUICK.

As I did my research you are looking for something like about a year, two or three… it is pretty long, for me. I am having baby soon, paid maternity leave is short and need to have money to live for especially if you do not have partnered or you can not rely solely on his income (not everyone is a manager and earn 50000per year). Reality is that we need money and want to stay with our babies so keep looking….

Idea 4 – Affiliate marketing

Yes it is another way of ” Get free money UK” – and I am definitely looking into it. At the moment I am in the way of testing it Found couple of sides to test it for free temporary.

I will share with you what I came into after I test it, OK? At the moment I can only provide you with the link to their side and you can have a look yourself, maybe test it as well and we could share opinions. Why not?

If you try it pleases let me know what do you think about this or maybe you know any worth looking into, signing to training and developing program which helps us stay at home and earn some decent money. (I will be coming back to this topic later in subsequent articles as it is as well a longer way to earn money but definitely worth exploring as it is long termed one and can evolve into passive income, and that is something what we really need – secure and stability long term)

Closing up topic for now…

As my title states “Get free money UK – possible?”

I can definitely confirm there is a way to get free money but the biggest problem is there are thousands of scammers who will promise you free money which are in practice not free at all. We are all aware of it. My point in this short article was to make you aware about charity mostly which can provide you with basic needs, equipment to your household, physically MONEY paid into your bank account, or cheque on your name.

If you have basic needs sorted at least temporary, because charities do mostly one off, or for short period, you can gather your brain, get strength, information and start the action, earn real money yourself while you are at home.

I want to help you with it. Go with me through this exciting journey in next article which will be dedicated to 10 websites where you can earn money online for free, even better without using or signing up with your Credit card…


See you there

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