How Brexit affects business?- 48 working hours

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As we all know Brexit has been affecting many aspects of our life since January, but

How Brexit affects business?

In all respect to people voting for it, they most probably regret it already.

The latest news showing that there are plans to extend working hours from 37,5 to 48 hours per week.

For people being employee it will be huge change. We will have to stay at work longer, try to organise childcare, managing home, family and travel later. Everything will be affected.

Women having children will face again problem.

UK government doesn’t have any regulations from European Union to fulfill so they can do with people whatever they want.

It doesn’t sound right.

Working times varies across the globe and is regulated by the government.

EU working times varies, however the shortest stay at work is 30. 4 in Netherlands and the longest 41.7 in Greece. 2019, the EU-27,(30.4 hours per week).

UK will extend it even more, as you can see.

The only chance for us ladies is to become self-employed and dictate hours our self, negotiate within contracts how many hours we are willing to work.

If you want to stay at home with your kids or work while they are at school and earn extra income have a look on couple of my ideas in below articles:

That’s just examples of what you could do.

If you have any more ideas please share with us.

Together we can grow.


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