How to build traffic on your website – mystery?

Doing online business is very challenging but manageable.

Have fun and earn money meanwhile.


you need to establish what you want to do:

  • sell,
  • invest in stock,
  • trade,
  • create content,
  • create websites,
  • do physical product and promote it online,
  • promote others products, etc.


With whom you will cooperate to achieve planned goal.


You create whatever planned (most probably you will be involved in any website creation).

You sit happy, achieving so much waiting for happy finals….. But no one is visiting your page.

You keep thinking: How to build traffic on your website – is it really impossible and huge mystery?


That’s the stuck point. The more people see your website the better place you have in search engines, the more products or services you can sell/promote. So it is closed circle. Even if you are planning to do affiliate marketing you will not be accepted if you don’t have certain amount of viewers.

The thing I came across (due to my kids) are services offering paid traffic. In general, it means: you pay them monthly amount and they organise certain amount of views per month.

You might think it’s cheating but it is real traffic enabling you to be noticed by general side viewers as your website will appear on first page on search engines and to be honest you must start with something to get to first or second page, where people are looking as (the further pages they do not really bother to look as). You can consider other options of generating traffic like:

1. Friends and family members as viewers

2. Paid adverts to bring people to your website

3. Free or paid traffic diversion ( I am writing about this as the last part)

I didn’t want to involve first (1.), as they are judgmental, will perceive me as lazy – instead of going back to normal job 9-5 I’m trying crazy stuff. I don’t have friends who have any online business and would understand or support me this way. Secondly I don’t like asking as it looks I’m not managing and using relationships to build business.

That is my opinion maybe you can rely on people around you and have different perception.

I was searching different options and realised you can:

4. GET SOCIAL on social media of course. If you manage to find and send request to be added to like you minded people it can work as well. I’m in couple of groups which members support each other and we do visit our website, FB pages, posts, Instagram, pinetrest and share, like, follow each other. That is definitely one of the ways to get more traffic on your ideal hard worked on page.

5. LINK IN is another way to enlarge your site traffic. If you are not familiar with it yet GO and create account ASAP. It can boost number of people visiting your place having interest especially in your niche. Honestly try it. It doesn’t cost a penny. There are so many ways before you pay for advertising which do many of us, casual viewers avoid or are sceptical about.


I keep them as last possible choice as there will be always time for spending much money on adverts, as the beginning I have been trying to spend as little as possible so couldn’t afford to advertise. Don’t know how you perceive it but I hardly ever click on paid adverts online, on search engines or social media.

For some people it works and they promote their business this way – I’m not doing it yet, maybe one day. Never say never.

Coming back to number 3.

Last idea to promote my site I came to selling traffic companies. To be truth it’s funny but I found paid ones and apparently free as well.

I will share both options with you.

Totally free one : Free Social Website Submission

They promote your site to 40 search engines for absolutely free. They have large community of chatting and supporting each other, members area with tips and guides, lots of videos and helpful articles regarding traffic from different sources. It is always good to try something new and you do not risk anything, however can benefit a lot.


Personally I recommend this.


Of course you have an option to chose paid campaign but you can definitely start with free one.



Worth recommendation is also one of the paid ones Traffic Master.

It has plenty of different pricing plans and I am sure you will find one which suits you. They offer good, reliable source visitors with sensible price.

Adult traffic – Adult visitors are hard to generate, however it’s the most profitable industry, you can’t rely on the big social media networks for advertising and search engines such as Google or Bing have banned adult content. Organic search traffic can work but as you probably already know adult seo takes time and money. Buying adult traffic is faster, cheaper and can have a positive ROI quicker than relying on search traffic.

Alexa visitors are visitors who have the Alexa toolbar / extension installed in their web browser. When these visitors view your website your Alexa rank improves as they collect data on your site.

Mobile traffic – their mobile traffic is generated via targeted pop under advertising from web pages and apps. Your website will appear in a browser tab behind the current one a visitor is viewing.

Social traffic – Social visitors are visits from any social media platform we have access to, currently you can buy visits from Facebook, Twitter & Reddit.


Website traffic – A web visitor is any visit from a mobile, desktop or tablet device. We sell web traffic to our clients as online advertising is a great way to increase your sites traffic.



You have plenty options to chose from.

How to build traffic on website is not a mystery, it is just knowledge and a bit of work. It does not mean hours behind computer and plenty of friends involved. Do not get overwhelmed and discourage. Get yourself together and start working on your idea and make the most of all available tools. The choice is yours.

Good luck.



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