How to make money during the Coronavirus/Brexit ?

If you haven’t figure out yet how you can earn stable income during this crazy times read this article and I can promise you will have greater understanding and idea.

For most people in the whole world the worst scenario is: overwhelming pandemia of Coronovirus-19, however for some of us (these living in UK) there is one more nightmare we have to overcome and manage – BREXIT. Lots of insecure, uncertain and fear is around. Companies are rejecting sending goods to UK due to Taxes and need to create account for VAT declaration, the ones which still send products to UK are applying extra charges so everything is or becoming unavailable or more expensive.

Tell me how not to get crazy now?

Yes, forget drop shipping from anywhere outside UK, forget buying products for your online shops, Amazon FBA, eBay as ALL OF IT WILL BE AFFECTED by additional taxes.

It will be pointless, our hard work of finding supplier, negotiating good price, creating a label, all marketing actions will face too high price due to taxes and will be not profitable.

THAT’S why I stick to my idea of

affiliate marketing!




affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.

The biggest affiliate marketing platform since 2005 with over 2.2 million members




THE reasons are obvious :

1. You have digital product – don’t have any physical product, so as the result…

2. You save on taxes (brexit craziness)

3. You save on purchasing inventory – don’t have to do it

4. You save on creating labels

5. You save on purchasing barcodes

6. You have everything ready!!!!!!!!!!

NO virus can affect your job

even better you can benefit as it will be easier to get customers.

Everyone will be looking for online opportunities and if yours is legit you will quickly get plenty of people joining your quest.

THE best I came across is mentioned before Wealthy Affiliate platform.

It has its supporters and some people claiming its scam.

I will try to clarify this misunderstanding, as its definitely

not a scam!!!!

It might be just not for you but not a scam!!!

Wealthy Affiliate – is a platform which allows you to earn while you learn.

1. Free to join and explore


They are so self-confident, sure of the value of their service that they keep it Cristal clear what they’ve got to offer.

YOU CAN CHECK THEM UP! isn’t it great and honest?

You can create account without any consequences.

You can create an account and forget about it if its not for you.

You don’t need to remember a date to cancel free trial, or they will charge you like other platforms (I did get into this trick unfortunately).

SO you can create account, log in and see what WA has to offer, how they work and what you can benefit from their services.

To be honest YOU WILL BE AMAZED, especially if you seen other companies and what they have to offer.

Regarding training:

The first ten lessons you have for free so it’s amazing you can test the way they teach you, check if you like it, if it is your style or not

I have never seen this kind of approach in any other company – that you can test them, see their inside (from the kitchen door) without providing credit card or other bank details… Without paying a penny.


2. Easy to navigate – self-explanatory.

When you log in you see…..

And very first short video will walk you through the navigation. When you see it first it will become obvious and more than simple what is where.

3. You can earn while you learn.

That’s the option I like the most.

In competitors, you have to finish training, buy additional topics, parts of the course, pay for activation or similar.

Over here on the first lesson you are introduced to all program

You are encouraged from day one to get engaged, ask questions, do not leave everything for later and to apply into practice everything straight away.

They push you, a bit like at school, by preparing some tasks (homework) to do, not to make you feel like at school small boy or girl (as you can continue training without completing these tasks – the system will not block you),

however it is emphased its important to do them otherwise you will feel lost and overwhelmed later on. Simply you will forget what you saw and heard. By marking the task as done, you will have peace of mind and they will see you are thorough and taking it seriously.

4. You have 24/7 live support from plenty of sources : founders, group support, the person who referred you there, email or life chats… Depending on your choice


Site support – for all technical issues

Ask a question – where you get answer form community members or the founders of WA

Life chat – personally I use it the most. There are over 2 million members on the whole world, no matter what time you have a question there is always someone available, not sleeping and happy to answer.

Private message – is valuable if your trust someone and you want to ask specific question to particular person.

5. Plenty of training on real examples – you have to follow step by step in practice to achieve success.

That’s not typical slogan it’s real. There are two main options you have to chose at the beginning:

  • Online entrepreneur certification
  • Affiliate bootcamp

FIRST you create your own website in the field you are interested in, apply affiliate links and earn whenever people buy products through your link.

THE second is creating your own website as well but the topic is promoting Wealthy Affiliate platform.

For me was a bit confusing initially what to chose as both sounded interesting and I didn’t know what could be my main topic. After research and advice from others I started woman for women online earning money niche. After finishing all training in the first program I was ready to research the second option.

In my opinion it is the best route as you can not promote something what you don’t know much about.

Whatever route you chose there are additional training if you feel hungry for more….

Every Friday additional online courses created by the founders of WA and people who has been long enough in the platform, gained experience, went through some problems and can now advise others so that they can avoid their mistakes.

6. Two ways of working within WA : your website and affiliate links, cooperate with WA and use their affiliate link with amazing commission rate.

I’ve discussed it already but just to clarify and reassure you : you do not have to sign to any other affiliate program if you don’t want to.

You can just work on Wealthy Affiliate and still earn decent monthly income.

7. WA have lots of tools included in membership.

You can build, host and moderate up to 30 websites paying just monthly membership – if you are not with WA you could spend theses 49$ just for hosting of one website.

You have access to lots of free images (Adobe stock costs 29£ per month) to make your website genius and esthetic

While creating articles you have great templates, word count, grammar check – no MISTEAKES will appear, and it’s so frustrating if you work hard and stupid mistake will ruin the page.

Jaaxy – keywords search engine.

Oh my gosh that’s amazing engine helps you find out which words you to use to rank high in Google, to be seen, viewed and appear on the first pages on people searches.

It shows how many people look for these words (or phrases), how many people wrote about this (so show how many competitors you will have to face), it’s showing you as well if the market is good to look at and create articles about.

It’s priceless and just this membership cost 49£per month! And in Wealthy Affiliate you have it Free.

The trial of Jaaxy is free but it covers 30 searches and later you have to pay, so wealthy affiliate have it included or for free if you calculate all stuff they have included in their membership.

I’ve attached the comparison of free membership and paid one, you can see how much they offer in only 49$ per month (it comes to about 36£).



There are people who claim that WEALTHY AFFILIATE is a scam and people only promote it because they want to earn commission, don’t lose their website etc.

I would like to clarify and calm furious people down.

1. Of course by promoting Wealthy Affiliate we are getting commission, so earning money.

The same way you would do with any other product you would promote in affiliate marketing way. There is no difference between WA product and for example perfume, food supplement or radio you like and promote through your affiliate link.

Do you agree? As you will create your website, articles, you and only you will choose which product is enough good quality to promote, wouldn’t you?

Will you promote rubbish product just for one off commission?

People would come back to your site and write negative opinion, no one would rely on your word anymore.

SO would you risk your hard work, name and reputation with wrong quality product????

Answer yourself!

2. If you create a website with them you are losing it completely if you stop paying membership!

Yes/No, you might lose it, however if you have created domain other than siterubix you can transfer it and you don’t lose anything. It’s your decision if you keep learning and earning or you want to everything by yourself, alone.

3. The opponents state that people do not really earn much just the founders.

This is learning platform where you learn how to build a website and online business.

NO one will do it for you

You are given tools but the work you need to do your self and this you are fully told and informed there is no mystery.

You earn if you commit, train and work.

Do you think 2.2 million people would stay over 5 years in the platform which doesn’t bring them money??

Would you pay monthly membership if you had just training in return, no money?

Think, answer is clear.

Only one more thing to conclude is important


You can sit at home during lock down, clean house again and again, prepare fancy dinners, watch TV, read book, be worried how to pay bills


TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE, join for free, spend this time exploring and creating.

Than you can laugh at Brexit, as you have all you need :

You Have Money and You Have Time for family

You Have Money and You are getting ready for time after Covid-19 to explore the world not afraid that Brexit will break your BANK and your PLANS.

Give them a chance, it doesn’t cost you anything, and HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION ABOUT THEM!

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