Make money online now – part 2- WA



YES, that is free source of income if you try and commit to it at the beginning.

It is part of affiliate marketing but not only. It hides lots of surprises, ideas and training but let me explain in details.

Affiliate marketing is not AVON or other persuading marketing technique, you don’t push people to buy your product you really HELP PEOPLE and later you find out how by helping people you can earn money. So:


Nowadays everyone heard about marketing, so promoting products or services to others in different ways or maybe better said interesting potential customer in specific product. However, you define it the result is the same.

There are different ways to communicate with customers, different ways to make your product reach clients, so different types of of them is affiliate marketing. It is “a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals”. That is official definition, in practice person acting (working) as an affiliate earns commission for marketing another person’s/company’s product or services. The affiliate preferably searches for a product they enjoy, is interested in him/herself, then promotes that product and earns the profit from each sale they make. Companies he/she cooperates with provide them with specific link to be tracked (via affiliate links) from one website to another.


The company I would like to introduce you as example of affiliate marketing is “Wealthy Affiliate”. They provide all in one service and are free to start with, as promised in my article title.


  • The first you create log in details to register on their platform.
  • You are getting first 2 weeks absolutely free and only depends on you how you will use this two week.
  • There are lots of possibilities to benefit and develop let’s discover them together
  • FREE two weeks’ trial – to get familiar with platform, start training and make sure it is something for you. You can resign anytime, no problems, no restrictions, no penalties. Absolutely your choice.
  • Dashboard with:

Extensive TRAINING

That is something what speaks to me the most.

If I want to do something I do not have a clue about, the most valued would be training, learning about it.

The way they operate in WA are two types of training programs:

  • online entrepreneur certification and
  • affiliate boot camp

You chose what applies for you more. In the introduction everything is clearly explained. In general: you have some interest, passion, hobby or even you are expert in something from your previous job; start writing about this, gather more knowledge about it, write more, than you find some affiliate programme, join, you review their product, people reading your posts trust you, as they recognise you as authority, buy this product. By this mechanism you get more trust, more visitors and money.

If you do not have idea or passion about any topic you would feel comfortable to write about you can follow affiliate boot camp and promote just WA. Getting familiar with its possibilities and waw yes, you are already in one of affiliate program without doing absolutely anything.

WEBSITES to build:

enjoy creating 2 (at the beginning) websites with full support from community and training provided. You have access to multiple templates, pictures, security options.

Live events:

these are additional trainings organised by experienced and successful people from WA community and founders of WA as well. You can type in search box whatever stress you out, need to find out or clarify and apply it to practice.

Research JAXY: that’s the biggest struggle for everyone doing any business (not only online) – NICHE, KEYWORDS. What to choose, what to write about to appear on the first page, to be seen, noticed and read? To analyse the current market there are different search engines. If you do not join WA you have to pay separate membership fee to this kind of search platforms. Within WA it is free. You can see how many people type certain keyword, how your future competition will look like if you chose to follow that way. It’s very helpful and allows you to predict if you are successful in that keyword search.


WA helps you at the stage of searching for affiliate program as well. Although they go through this within the training and it is very easy anyway, WA provides lists of affiliate programs in variety of sectors as you can see on the picture attached.


that is what mentioned previously 24/7 community help. Anytime you want type a question, there is always someone ready to answer it or direct you to appropriate training. I find this amazing, even in my university it did not work so efficient and quick.


as on attached picture, you can specify what you need help with. Sending private message to one of members, go to live chat, ask question or strictly ask technical question about your site.


To summaries I can only say that it is definitely worth trying, worth spending time on it. Lots of fun, engagement and by the way you have a chance to get to know great people.

If you are curious enough, follow the link, explore it, find out about other surprises WA carrying with it (like trip to LA)

If you want to check it up click an try, very best of luck and hope seeing you there.


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