Make money for a stay at home mum-introduction to ideas

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Hi to all mums


I’ve been looking for the way to make money for a stay at home mum status:) for a long time.

Worry about money was the biggest of my problems and thought that is the only one. We all know, surviving without them is impossible. I tried to teach my children that money are not the most important but In practice we can not manage without them for a long time. Temporary is fine, we can get support from friends, family, some grants (I will tell about them later) but it can not last forever. The longest we do not have idea how to obtain stable regular income the more stressed, depressed and unhealthy we become (it has been scientifically proven, many physical illnesses are manifestations of psychological distress)




Awful topic, have to admit, de-humiliating us, making out of humans simple animals so often. Not without a reason exist popular saying “rat race” when people try to achieve their career goals and be the best no matter what they need abandon, sacrifice or do.

I’ve been working as a qualified nurse in UK since 2012 (if you did not read my “about Cathy” page ☺️) with two kids on the board and emotionally abusive husband. It was tremendously difficult as from one side I loved my job, spending time on assisting surgeons during various types of exciting operations and from another side I had my kids at home with dad they did not want to stay and spend time with, calling me in tears “mummy please come back, don’t go to work”.

My work colleagues managed to upgrade their roles and money by extra training, additional hours in hospital, agency work but me…. I was always the first one to rush home, never going out with them, just rushing home.

But why I’m telling you this story???



Big change

Well I want to show you that:

It was so stupid, but no one is perfect,

I made plenty of mistakes but stood up on my feet when I finally managed to gather courage and kick my husband from the house, Everything slowly changed.

I started thinking different, even though he was still having lots of power over me, I was not any more like a slave.

It came to my head that if I could recognise his manipulative actions (which put me into plenty of troubles, but that is too personal story and not related at present, just wanted to mention: I even stopped believing in myself totally I thought I m no one, no worth or deserve anything) I CAN DO AND ACHIEVE ANYTHING I plan with God help and support. So i definitely can make money for a stay at home mum, can I? (and you can as well !!!!)


Women power

That is why I started to search online the way I could fulfill myself as a nurse (I understand this as person helping others not only in medical related way) and have decent time for my children.

I believe we, as a woman, can have these both just need to find balance, not abandon one to the favor to the other part of life. We come from variety of backgrounds, with lots of different knowledge and experience and all of these can be used, utilised and monetarised.

Join me ladies and express your maybe hidden power.



Top Plan

In the other parts (next article) I will go through options I took into consideration and you might feel encouraged enough to try some of them or all if you wish ????

I will tell you about sides which allow you to start your own business without any money and the ones which require a bit of financial input but that’s not all!

I will start in next article to go through basic thing which hardly anyone knows, how you can get some cash absolutely for free to help you stop panicking about money for your basic expenses until you figure out what work or business you can start not to need any financial support.

I hope its great and you will find what you need to stand upon your feet and for now at least have hope for better.

There are opportunities you just need to reach there.

See you very soon, just press article section and keep going.

Feel free to ask any question or leave any comment below.

Maybe you have extraordinary idea, story or trouble to share with us. It would be great to hear from you.


PS. one of my colleagues was telling me how extraordinary her life story was, she should be asked to write a book about herself…. I was really laughing as I believe each of us, human beings, has so unique life story that film and book world would benefit from thousands, millions of exciting love stories, horrors, science fictions, thrillers, action creations if we would commit just to tell our life stories.

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