Make money online home – part 1-fight coronovirus panic

Welcome everyone who wants to make a change!

It became so popular and trendy to be entrepreneur and earn money online.

Hardly ever heard when I was teenager nowadays more and more popular, especially now it will be expanding due to couple of reasons:

  • corona virus – the latest panic. However, you think of it and whatever approach you take it is sensible and worth looking at online jobs. We do not know how long it will take until situation settles and we come back to normal life. This virus outbreak will push more and more people to seek for income without going out (we do not know how it will evolve and in the stage of panic it is being explored at the moment definitely)
  • women who is planning or just had a baby and would like to stay at home with loved one (I am one of these examples)
  • people after surgeries or accidents whose life has dramatically changed and can not perform previous job
  • finally brave, full of ideas teenagers/students who is seeking for any way to earn extra income.

The reasons are so personal and as many as peoples’ individual situations, it is definitely getting more and more popular and what comes with it more competitive, so:

  • Who can do it and how possible it is for you to succeed?
  • If so many people earn online why you would not be able to do so?

Thousands of questions, hesitations but to be truth it is one main thing: if you do not try you will never know.

When I planned to stay at home, looked on different pages, adverts. Started being bombarded on Facebook by: earn online, earn quick, do you want to earn 350$/£ per day etc…. That’s amazing that people are so keen on sharing their fantastic knowledge but after couple of insights I realised lots of them were just trying to get my hard-earned money away.


OK I understood this, I learned my lesson, wasted time and money as well. I am writing this article to help you save some money and time, of course I have business in it I want others to read it, talk about it, follow, comment, advise what could be done better maybe with other ideas how to make money online….I might be attaching affiliate links later on…so I do have business in it and I am stating this clear , however I am not asking you for any paid subscription, hidden fees or email you in a week about amazing product I want to sell to you. I’m utilizing gained knowledge, making use of it and hope you do the same following my example.

The trick is that lots of advertisers do so – they offer free training, eBooks or others. In practice, you listen to free training they state general truth, like “the sun makes the day bright”, waiting for juicy bit you could use to start earning or creating online business and ….nothing at the end of free webinar you get to sign up for paid amazing special offers. It is of course paid and don’t know if you get anything out of them or further offers for courses to purchase.

Instead of subscribing for another company I would like you to have a look at the ways to Make money online home.

Even better I am going to show you 10 websites to make money online absolutely free.

These websites are entirely free, with no hidden subscription, no fees, without needed debit card. You can start earning yourself.

It will not happen overnight but if you take action, commit your effort and time you will see result and might obtain full time income. The first one is:


Yes I know you might not be an artist, so am I, but do not cross it off. I will show you easy way to get great results.

Redbubble is a global website allowing creating and sell items online from popular funny T-shirts, through dresses, leggings, mugs, wall decorations etc…It is like other online marketplace for print on demand products which can be made by anyone brave enough to start (not necessary artist – and I will prove it). The company was found in Melbourne (Australia) in 2006.

The company offers FREE MEMBERSHIP to artists who keep the copyrights to their work, regulate their prices and decide which product may display their images.

How you do it?

  • create account with email address (absolutely free)
  • create a product you wish by uploading picture, artwork (from your computer, phone, done on any program,picture)
  • decide on what kind of product it will appear, what color, and its position
  • Redbubble will deal with production, realising your customised design, ship it to the customer when he/she makes an order.

The process is called PRINT ON DEMAND.

By this mechanism you create passive income which is initially zero or small has potential to grow to full time income. Redbubble pays you commission on each sold product. You do not need to pay any fee !

How to sell it?

Redbubble is like eBay or amazon – destination website.

It means people are coming and looking for items directly to redbubble, they pick up items they like.

We are coming to two challenges:

  • how to be noticed by customer (be on first page) ?
  • how creating something what sells if you are not an artist ?

Not graphic designer? Not a problem.

If we look at the most popular item sold (designed) at present in funny TShirt, we can easy notice the more simple they are the most popular they get and are sold well.

I can only share with you this what I experienced: creating great and simple artwork on Canva with open source commercial fonts (for example). It takes a moment to upload, customise, choose on what items would you like your design to be presented and ready to sell.


  • open or download Canva (depending if phone or laptop), chose the template:
  • edit according to your search, plan and idea:
  • save the work
  • upload to redbubble:
  • chose items which you want your work to be on and available to sell:

You have done your first design.


Sounds simple and it is simple, just try.

How to be chosen? How to be on the first page?

Small HACK

NARROW your NICHE is a secret

Yes, narrow your niche as much as possible. Think of people who might be left without anything, totally ignored. If you find one concentrate on creating stuff for them and you will be on the first page. I am adding my thoughts and things I went through:

I have daughter Joanna and started my searches with her name and age just to celebrate birthday just as an example have a look at results…. If there are no matches found it means my idea will appear on first page and will be for now the only one to chose from, so it will have great potential to be bought if anyone looks for someones name and age I offer. Potentially it is great product to start with


How you are paid?

If I did not provide debit card in the first instance?

Simple – PayPal, bank account

That’s the first idea and website


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