Making money online from home – confused

Are you confused about making money online from home, like me?


Good morning ladies

  • Have you ever tried online business?
  • Have you started online business but was too overwhelmed
  • Have you ever bounced from one idea to another when something did not give you result quick?

Does it sounds familiar?

When I was pregnant my first thought was: I will need to come back to work after maternity leave and leave baby with someone. It crushed my heard and soul. I started to search ways to make money online so that when the time comes I will be able to stay at home as long as I wish. So started searching ideas and putting them into practice. It was a bit chaotic but I tried to rush, rush like mad not to face heard break later on. It was my mistake. Instead of properly concentrate on one idea I jumped from one to another thinking the other will be better.

I want to share with you my experience so that maybe you do not make the same mistake and safe you some wasted time.

At present:

  • I have my very own website (hurrah!!!). It’s introduction and content proofs of being confused jumping from topic to topic – BUT I’M WORKING ON IT.
  • I’m perfect example of someone who tries, tries, makes mistakes but……..never gives up!

Because nowadays there are thousands of advertises promoting their businesses, advising:

  • How to make money online?
  • How to make money online quick?

I got very confused. I fell into a trap assigning to too many programs, websites with the idea that one of them must work for me.

I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate program as they gave me 7 days totally free trial, then just 19$ for the first month and great training (all benefits you can look up here), as basic start up point.

But while training with them I found couple of you tube videos “how to make money”, “making money online from home” and of course jumped into them quick as:

  • virus around
  • people losing jobs
  • just had the third child and want to stay with him at home

I wanted to find any legit source of income ASAP.

They sounded sensible like

  • Create Redbubble account and do simple t shirts, canvas, leggings designs – and told if I follow their advice and “tricks ” I will success with passive income.
  • Open Shopify store, great. But when it came to drop shipping it’s not so simple and easy as they say. I spent lots of time finding suppliers added products, did not know how charge the shipment (as it is confusing for beginners like me) and finally I realised it’s so small commition it’s not worth all this hassle.
  • Sell your pictures
  • Create a course on Udemy
  • and couple more

I don’t have thousands of viewers, visitors on my website to get any income from shop. It practically did not make any sense.

Whatever I started sounded amazing idea at the beginning turned into never-ending story with lots of hidden tricks, small print notes and of course thousands of advisers online. It’s great to have them as we can get knowledge out of it to create our business but nothing is for free, get used to it. They, most of the time, have at the end link to sign up for paid this time training, newsletter, e book etc.



I would like to make it clear and with step by step guide create with you success which we can be proud of and share between us.



Today number 1.

What is number 1 for you?

If the aim is earn online money you need to ask yourself basic questions and get precise answer :

  • How much money I want to earn per month?
  • How much I would be satisfied with (minimum)?
  • How much I want to earn in next 5 years?

It’s essential question. I was so suspicious when asked about this at the beginning of WA training. After half a year with them I realised why they started with it, however they do not explain why it’s so important.

Depending on your expectation you should choose your online activity. For example if you are happy to start with small income at the beginning, you might consider drop shipping, if more money you better off creating a course or physical product yourself and start selling it. If you are interested in long term slowly growing income you might think of affiliate marketing.

I’ve chosen intestinal health blogging and idea of earning from it was affiliate links. I hoped, as advised, I can follow my interest and make money together but…. When I came to point of training saying choose affiliate offers you want to promote I couldn’t find decent one which will do two things :

  • be great for people
  • pay me well enough to leave my regular job. The income was less than minimal example 6%,12%,3%”. Yes that’s it.

I am kind of person that can not promote things to others which I don’t like just to earn money. I must be 100% sure it is the best to my knowledge to suggest it to anyone, so I have to try it and be convinced about the quality.

If you see me referring to any item you can be sure I had it, used it and was satisfied enough to speak about it.

I decided to keep this website as a hobby because I’m very interested in that topic and discover ways to get more commission on things which I have to learn. I hope you don’t mind me being so horribly honest but tats the truth.

There is no other way I can stay at home with my baby. It’s the third and probably the last child and I don’t want to lose any crucial moments of him growing up.


I will start from basics as it’s the most important to start wright.

Next article I will be talking about choosing the platform you want to build your website on, as whatever idea about making money online you decide to follow you need to create decent website to start with. The place where you can show the world your offer, no matter what it is: shop, blog, courses, classes, services etc.

See you in next part.

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