What is Wealthy Affiliate scam?-controversy

Reviews…. They are never 100% objective, as made by people and we are different, with different character, different aspects of products are important for each of us. Generally speaking we value things not the same way. So something considered as rubbish for one person can be valuable for the other one. So how much are reviews worth?

If you are the person who needs to read reviews before you purchase something, bear in mind that and read couple of reviews. Include negative and positive ones and than look at it yourself and make a decision.

This long introduction was needed as for the first time I came across so negative, devastating review of something I value and would recommend to my friends that had to look at it closely.

I’m talking about Wealthy Affiliate platform. The guy reviewing it put not one or two negative points but I think 7. It’s a lot.

OK, it’s allowed. You can have any opinion you want in earth, however this review I can consider as:

Very showing off visual experience. Starting with comparing to animals even saying “NO! do not sign up for Wealthy Affiliate”.

Are we by any chance animals? It is a bit humiliating. As well having some random words shouted by people sound for me more than manipulation than his own opinion. Throughout the review he picks up several times some single sentenced out of contexts, quotes it and criticizing. For my knowledge and experience that’s the way Jehovah’s witnesses work and persuade to their group and it is consider as sect. I do not like this kind of manipulation. You have to read or listen to whole lesson rather than picking one sentence and criticise it. Sometimes one sentence does not have sense at all.

If you are interested have a look at his video and than decide if you want to read my article further – worth reading as I totally disagree with this person.


Starting very rough at big NO to Wealthy Affiliate, than admitting in the second minute (2:15) “I am not affiliate marketing expert” and he just started focusing on affiliate marketing recently – so why you say totally no?!

You will see later on that he is criticizing one thing and later on admitting it is not so bad…

Let’s go through his 7 Big Problems with Wealthy Affiliate:

1. Outdated Training

He claims the training is totally outdated, some lessons, articles are even from 2012 and online business is changing constantly.

Maybe they have the same basic training since 2012, however:

The basics principles stay the same. You have to learn basics to step further.., no doubts.

I was absolutely new, assisting surgeons nurse who had no idea of blogging, online world, business and look I was able to create my very own website, apply plug ins, write articles, search for valuable keywords and rank in Google.

It’s not pointless. I find it as achievement.

They have every week new online classes which cover every week something new – so how it’s out-of-date?

2. Outdated Credibility

He claims:

they don’t get so much money from their websites and teach others?

To be truth it’s their choice what they concentrate on: providing service of WEALTHY AFFILIATE platform or continue to develop their websites…

If the footballer plaid amazing for 5 years, was the champion and don’t play again is he worse trainer to youngsters than active footballer?

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate don’t need to explain us or anyone why and what are they doing at present.

They clearly offer what they worked on very hard and we accept it and benefit from it or not.

He claims:

People do not get great results

He goes over some not doing well members, however

not everyone shows off by sharing their success, financial situation – it does not mean they do not make living and aren’t successful

not everyone by staying long as a member has the same amount of time and motivation to commit every day. There are people like me who started, built website quick but having kids, husband, 9-5 job am not able to keep going in such speed like he (the review maker) and do all 40 hours of training in a moment of time. Comparing my results with someone who has plenty of time is not right.

3. Misleading Claims

That is totally misleading statement itself, as he is picky what he says: “It will take less than 30 sec to have website build”. He states it is impossible, however build website you can quickly with this platform with just typing its name and choosing the theme. Ofcourse to earn money from it you need much more and during training it is clearly emphased plenty of times.

Listen this part on his video carefully and you understand what I wrote before about acting as other manipulative people from sects, who just pick one thing out of contexts and work on it.

4. Bad advice

Choosing niche – he claims that WA is wrong by saying there is no wrong niche to chose. If he has not been doing affiliate marketing for long how can he advice on it and ciricise?

Any niche to chose is OK. There is advised on the training what are the most popular niches, what are the mistakes in choosing the niche. The biggest issue is choosing wide niche. The more narrow topic the better and it does not matter what you chose. There are 7.8 milliard people around the globe. There will be always someone interested in your niche, no doubts. Wealthy Affiliate explains later on how you can make money out of it. It is not magic it is real.

Heading tags – criticizing without telling why? I can not comment on it as he is not saying why it is wrong.

5. Missing Crucial Info

He is listing things which they “missed” in the training.

The topics you can find without any problems within further training if you look for it.

“Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp” is BASIC training which everyone should start with. Even though it is BASIC can be overwhelming for plenty of people. If they add much more on top of it people would give up and not do anything. They wanted to give good basic background and if you want to build on it of course you can, just need to want.

He is admitting later on these topics are included in Wealthy Affiliate itself but not in core basic training – so why he states its missing crucial info???? Does not make sense.

6. Disorganised Training

Poorly organised lessons. Yes you can have your opinion about it, but that’s the way the creators done it and it was their choice. I would change it a bit myself too but am not stupid enough to make problem out of it. I can find whatever needed and if I write too many articles before getting to their proper advice I can always come back to them and make adjustments. There is no such thing as too many work too many articles.

Practice makes perfect, isn’t it?

46th lesson – how to plan article, not relay if you went through training properly you would recognise they were talking about this much earlier

Google Adsence– set up, and next lesson not to look at it just concentrate on affiliate marketing. This is a bit funny. They advice on the training the ways to make money, If our criticising guru haven’t noticed it. That is one of the ways to make money however Wealthy Affiliate training is concentrated mainly on affiliate marketing not on adverts. Google Adsence is about allowing and posting adds on your website!

7. Ranking System

He claims people are being ranked within wealthy affiliate without having success in affiliate marketing.

To clarify:

people being ranked not for succeeding in affiliate world but for helping people within community.

It is important and very useful to have group of people replying to you concerns. There is always someone who will reply to your worry if you are stuck. You do not need to wait hours, days for reply, just minutes or sometimes seconds. They do not need to be 100% experts but if they answer they most probably went through the same problem and spent time on searching the answer so they know it already. Sharing is great and very valuable. We can not be experts in everything so using someone’s expertise in specific topic is useful.


That is the finish of his 7 Big Problems with Wealthy Affiliate.


Ofcourse after so devastating review he had to earn some money….so he is so generous and kind and carrying for us (his listeners) that he gives link to best affiliate training programs he discovered. Funny enough he is definitely earning commission from each of them.


The programs he is recommending are so pricey,

you have to pay in advance, before you see what they offer, what type of program.

Yes, I know you will argue they have 30 day money back guarantee but

as we are humans we can forget the precise date when we signed up, we lose money.

Not everyone is single, without any commitment and can spend lots of time to discover the benefits and faults in program in 30 days. I’m for example mum of 3 kids working as a nurse, looking for additional online job which might enable me staying at home rather than running around the patients, leaving behind children. I can not take care of home, children, dog, cat, guinea pigs, go to work, update my nursing skills during training and go through new platform in just a month to decide if its worth around 700-900$.

Do you understand my point?

Wealthy Affiliate price is totally sensible as compared below. Make simple calculation:

  • Membership in WA : 49$ per month or per year (you have a choice)
  • Hosting 30 websites
  • Jaaxy – $49/month
  • Tons of free pictures to use – Adobe Stock £23.99/month
  • Community of like you online business minded people, who will not overuse you, they don’t have any interest in advising you however always willing to help – priceless

Add it up and you come to conclusion that the training, even if basic or needs upgrading you have for absolutely free!!!

Point to point if you want to try affiliate marketing, earn while you learn, but either don’t have big budget either not happy of spending around 1000 for something you don’t know Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

There will be always people who don’t like it and criticise it and opposite people who like it want to recommend it.

Yes, I do get commission from recommending this program. That’s the whole point of affiliate marketing. You are not charged any penny because you signed from my link. If you signed up from Internet someone will be getting commission anyway. You will be doing the same if you want to earn from affiliate marketing just you pick up your favorite product.


The guy making so negative review about Wealthy Affiliate is admitting earning from affiliate marketing as well so whatever links and recommendations he is doing he is earning money out of them. Most probably the programs he recommends are paying him much higher money than Wealthy Affiliate.

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