What is marketing online about -MANIPULATION

Marketing – Manipulation, Have you ever thought: What is marketing online about?


It’s getting so popular to look for online job. Most advertisers promote some kind of marketing related job: email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on….


What truly is a marketing?

To get started, make it right and name MARKETING. Clarifying what is it I will not go to dictionary definition but say it from practical perspective

MARKETING – are all action taken to make people think they need particular item/product/? even if they do not really need it.

It’s funny as it is literally creating a need to which we are supposed/ have to response (the product)

Clever, isn’t it…..

So going further it is not cheating but definitely MANIPULATING strategy.

Sounds disgusting, yes however EVERY COMPANY is doing so. Starting from the simple food products, clothes and new collections kicking out good but our off date clothes, to media and IT products.

It came to the point that every company is doing so, otherwise they wouldn’t sell much, would stop existing due to high amount of competitors practicing already marketing strategies.

As our grandmothers, we really do not need lots of fancy clothes, every season different one, we don’t need thousands of different creams to feel and be beautiful etc.

One funny anecdote: I was trained as a beauty therapist long ago. One of the subject during the course was chemistry of beauty products. The teacher was proper scientist working for very well-known beauty company (I will not mention which as don’t want to advertise or create negative thoughts). She told us amazing and surprising thing: to are supposed to sell the newest creams, products, treatments but!!! the old science only works for skin all fancy creams with multi vitamins acids, co enzymes doe do not work. Simply the skin is so clever it protects us for absorbing all rubbish from environment and it has pores.imagine pores are so much smaller than for example vitamin particles, they will simply not squeeze through. Co enzyme Q, so popular in adverts is so active chemical that reacts with everything what surrounds us. even produced in enclosed laboratory after first opening will react with air and cream is great pure but without beneficial co enzyme Q.

The only good thing to can do for your skin is buy good company cream but in the most simple hydrating version and protect from sun. The rest is nature. The funny thing about anti wrinkle creams: they all content some poisonous chemical which makes your skin swelling so to don’t see wrinkles…

Sorry for digression, it is not beauty website, but shows how people are being manipulated by companies to buy what they create.

If they promote good and bad products, to be honest and don’t feel guilty the best way is to chose good product, really useful, changing people lives and deal with its marketing – that way to would not manipulate people but show them its benefits. DON’T FORGET NOTHING IS IDEAL so in your marketing BE JONEST and mention ALL OPTIONS beneficial and these not really great. If to hide some information and just revel positive ones it will be MANIPULATION.

Affiliate Marketing




I like affiliate marketing. You do not have to sell anything, push people to buy- by writing articles to inform people about possibilities. If I want to buy something I’m looking for, most probably like lots of to, others opinions. It’s good to know such as possible about products before purchasing.

Some will argue that opinion can be fake, bought, friends favor etc….

Yes I agree, some of them are but not possible that all of them are. Having bigger spectrum is being more informed or even being skeptical to can look at company from different perspective and to know what can go or be wrong and to are ready for it.

That is why I stuck to affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate program. I consider it as great but not perfect.

You can search on my website and notice I went through long and in depth process of finding good, legit, reliable and trustworthy online business.

Wealthy Affiliate offered me good start from scratch – I had no idea about affiliate marketing, even though I studied marketing and management about 20 years ago. It has its downs but most probably I will find out about them later on as for now is great and I am happy about it.

If you are interested to try them for free (initially) click on their logo



If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate program, group and how it works click on link to other article concentrated on them:

Make money online now – part 2- WA


So finally – What is marketing online about?

It is manipulation of human mind and perception. It definitely depends on you and the actions you chose to take. You can be open and honest to support other people or sneaky just to push you sales and generate more income.

It is just your choice.

Thank You for reading.

Please leave a comment if to enjoyed reading it, or anything to didn’t like so that I could improve my writing, please.

Enjoy to online business journey, good luck.


  1. I believe that sums up the premise of marketing well, enticement to purchase a product you may not have previously desired. I am far from a professional marketer, although I have served on an organizational marketing committee for a couple of years and do find it fascinating. As I started my own blog a few months back I’ve come to realize how in depth marketing is, and I know I barely scratch the surface. Thank you for sharing!

    • totally agree with manipulating marketing. how sometimes they make it tricky for consumers, if I buy online especially now adays I just dont read the info. I check customer reviews.

  2. Glad you found a way of marketing that suits you. It’s true – we need to be mindful of manipulative tactics … in marketing, media, religions and politics … it’s everywhere

  3. I used affiliate marketing a while ago and was working well on my blog as long as I had a lot of traffic. As soon as pandemic kicked in, trafic gone, also sales and money. I would recommend iit as hobby not as main job. Beside this yes, there is a lot of manipulation online.

  4. Hi Cathy,

    The core theme of marketing is to create a need in people’s minds. If people feel the need for something then you can sell that thing. I don’t know it’s manipulating or not. But when I want to sell something I try to be honest.

  5. I just started affiliate marketing and for the main reason that customer reviews speak for themselves. Honestly it’s a little overwhelming with all the courses offered for bloggers. I pretty much ignore all those emails because how do you decide what is best when everyone says they are the best…

    • Oh yes, courses it’s another topic…. Now everyone needs “a course ” and you can get a course out of everything. I’m quite sceptical to it and think that’s great topic for one of articles. Thanks for that point of view.

  6. I struggle with the manipulation aspect of marketing. For me, if I am offering something, it’s because I think it has value. Although i think it is good practice for everyone to do their own research and not rely on just one voice to tell them what they may need.

  7. I studied marketing a long time and agree that it can certainly be manipulative. I think affiliate marketing can be too though, depending on the intent behind it. Thanks for your thought provoking post!

  8. I never thought of marketing as manipulation until I read this. However, you’re right, that’s can be what it is. I think if you are adding value to the marketplace, then it is not always manipulation.

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